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Effects of kinesiotaping versus movement with mobilization in lateral epicondyliti s( TENNIS ELBOW)


A lot of research has been done to find the effects of kinesiotaping(KT) and mobilization but there was less done to find which technique is more effective so this article is to compare both the techniques

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Inactivity and Low Back Pain

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Playing is the best form of education.

Do early quadriceps exercises affect the outcome of ACL reconstruction? A randomized controlled trial.[4]



[10 Metre Walk Test]

Trends in serum relaxin concentration among elite collegiate female athletes

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 . [7]


Locomotor Training Progression and Outcomes After Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury

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 . [8]

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cccccccc<ref="Maj">Majnemer A, Shevell M, Law M, Birnbaum R, Chilingaryan G, Rosenbaum P, Poulin C (2008) Participation and enjoyment of leisure activities in school-aged children with cerebral palsy. Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology. 50: 751–758</ref>

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