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I am a new graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy at Keele University. I also hold another degree from Canada in Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. I chose to studying the UK as it was recommended by another physiotherapist that I was working with whilst in Canada. During the summer months, I work as a Lifeguard in Bermuda and as a Kinesiologist. I am a student member of Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and a member of Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology, which I hold a Personal Trainer certificate.

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Sally Ngo

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Before deciding to study physiotherapy, I was working in Canada as part-time as a Kinesiologist and full-time as a Rehabilitation Support Worker for Brain Injury clients.  I had a wonderful opportunity to work with some amazing Physiotherapists in a private clinic, which gave me the motivation to apply to study in the UK.  My experience in the UK with Physiotherapy has been wonderful and I have gained many experiences in the NHS setting.  Even though, hospital setting is not the area I want to end up in, I feel that I have developed into a better physiotherapist by aquiring many skills I may not have elsewhere.

As a new graduate, I hope to find some temporary work in the NHS, while I complete my Masters in Physiotherapy at Keele University in 2012-2013.  Additionally, I would like to maintain some of my clinical skills by doing so.  Currently, I am in Bermuda working as a Lifeguard and Fitness and Lifestyle Consultant, and hoping to get some volunteer work with the Bermuda Physiotherapy department at the hospital.  In future, after completing my Masters, I hope to return to Canada and contribute my skills and knowledge back at home.

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Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy (Hons) 2012

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology 2005

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Chartered Society of Physiotherapy - member

Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology - member and certified Personal Trainer

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