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Ageing is a complex process of changes to an individual's body, mind and ability to participate in everyday activities and roles. Lifespans are increasing and older adults are living with multiple co-morbidities.

Physiotherapists are well-placed to assist older adults in maintaining, and improving where possible, their physical and functional independence. There is much literature to suggest how physiotherapists can use exercise to improve strength and balance and address the significant concern of falls in this population. In treating the older adult, a physiotherapist must draw on all their knowledge of anatomy and physiology along with the three main domains of rehabilitation (neurological rehabilitation, musculoskeletal rehabilitation and cardiopulmonary). Working with older adults means working within a wider multidisciplinary team to achieve meaningful outcomes for older adults such as maintaining functional independence and living at home for as long as possible. This category contains all the articles in that relate to Older People and Geriatrics.

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