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I am Michelle Laine. Currently, I am a physical therapy student at Bellarmine University in Louisville, KY. I plan to graduate in December 2013 with my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. After receiving my degree I plan to focus on neurology and/or pediatrics in Columbus, OH.


Michelle Laine 

About Me

I am Michelle Marie Laine from Evansville, IN.  As an undergrad I attended Bellarmine University studying exercise science.  Now I am a first year student in PT school at Bellarmine.  I plan to graduate in December of 2013 with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  After receiving my degree and becoming a certified physical therapist I plan to focus on neurology and/or pediatrics.  


I studied exercise science as an undergrad at Bellarmine University before being accepted a year early in to PT school at Bellarmine.  In May of 2012, I will receive my Bachelor's in Health and Science.  Followed by my Doctorate in Physical Therapy in December of 2013.

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