Wheelchair Service Provision Content Development Project



This content development project will create evidence based information on all aspects of wheelchair use, training and skills. Much of this project will be guided by the Wheelchair Service Training Package developed by the World Health Organisation and will guide the curriculum for the Wheelchair Service Provision MOOC which took place in September 2018 in collaboration with ICRC.

Anyone is welcome to join in this project. You will be joining people from all over the world in contributing evidence based articles to create an evidence based reference on wheelchair service provision.  In return for your efforts you will receive a certificate of completion to help you evidence your learning through your involvement with this project.

Project Team

Naomi O'Reilly

Rachael Lowe

Project Dates

First Content Development Phase: March 2018 - July 2018


As a participant in this project you will contribute to the creation (or update an existing) page within Physiopedia. You may choose to take part in this project as a personal contribution to your own professional development and/or you may wish to contribute evidence based information to develop this resource for our profession. Your contribution will be reviewed by Physiopedia and once complete recognised by the award of a certificate of completion.

If you would like to take part in this project please follow the instructions below.


  1. Choose an article from the list below that you would like to develop. Be sure that the article doesn't already have a name next to it.
  2. At this point you should email the project co-ordinator to let them know that you would like to join the project and which page you would like to work on. Please feel free also to ask any questions that you have in relation to this project e.g. if you feel a new page needs adding to the list.
  3. You will receive an email from Rachael (the project co-ordinator) to confirm you participation in the project and also to confirm the page that you will develop.
  4. Once you have received this confirmation you are free to get on with working on your page. You should be complete your work in a word (or similar) document. If you are comfortable working in Physiopedia we are very happy for you to work directly in Physiopedia instead of producing a word document, you can request an editing account here.
  5. Once you have completed your article please ;email project co-ordinator to let them know.
  6. Your article will be reviewed by the project team and you will be emailed a response of approval or of amendments to be made.
  7. Once the article has been finally approved, it will be published and you will receive your certificate of completion.

If you have any questions please do email us.

Articles to be Developed

  1. Introduction to Wheelchair Service Provision (Naomi O'Reilly)
  2. Global Disability Context and Wheelchair Mobility (Naomi O'Reilly)
  3. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Karen Wilson)
  4. Wheelchair Users (Naomi O'Reilly)
  5. Role of the Wheelchair (Priya Gulla)
  6. Wheelchair Design (Naomi O'Reilly)
  7. Wheelchair Biomechanics (Naomi O'Reilly)
  8. Types of Wheelchair (Naomi O'Reilly)
  9. Wheelchair Accessories (Naomi O'Reilly)
  10. Eight Steps to Appropriate Wheelchair Provision (Ilona Malkauskaite)
  11. Wheelchair Assessment (Naomi O'Reilly)
  12. Postural Support Devices (Daniele Barrilla)
  13. Cushions (Daniele Barilla and Vidya Acharya)
  14. Wheelchair Prescription (Mereena Baby)
  15. Wheelchair Preparation (Vidya Acharya)
  16. Wheelchair Fitting (Simisola Ajeyalemi)
  17. Wheelchair Skills (Naomi O'Reilly)
  18. Wheelchair Skills Assessment and Training (Lee Kirby, WSP)
  19. Wheelchair Maintenance (Mariam Hashem)
  20. Power Wheelchair Maintenance (Mariam Hashem)
  21. Wheelchair Services (Naomi O'Reilly)
  22. Wheelchair Referral and Appointments (Naomi O'Reilly)
  23. Multidisciplinary Team in Wheelchair Service Provision (Perth Rosen and Yasmin Garcia, UCP Wheels)
  24. Wheelchair Funding and Ordering (Naomi O'Reilly)
  25. Wheelchair Service Follow Up (Naomi O'Reilly)

Articles to be Reviewed

  1. Decubitus Ulcers (Adam Valley-Farrell)
  2. International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) (Laura Ritchie)

Case Studies

Section 1

  1. Meeting the Users Needs
  2. Meeting the Users Environment
  3. Appropriate Wheelchairs

Section 2

  1. Assessment
  2. Prescription
  3. Selecting Cushion Size
  4. Selecting Wheelchair Size

Section 3

  1. Transfers
  2. Wheelchair Skills

Section 4

  1. Follow Up