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About Me

I completed my undergraduate studies with a first division degree from Jamia Hamdard University in 2017 and now currently pursuing my  6 months internship (September 2017- March 2018) from Hakeem Abdul Hameed Centerary Hospital ( Jamia Hamdard), India. As a physiotherapist, i am currently working in a multi-specialty hospital and gained my experience from various departments like pediatrics, medicine, orthopedics, radiology and rehabilitation centers. With physical therapy, my aim is to serve people and society in an empathetic way.



Bachelor's of Physiotherapy, Jamia Hamdard, 2017, India

Additional Coursework

1) Vestibular Rehabilitation for balance system hypofunction and dizziness

2) Back Pain Management and Manipulation

3) Balls, Bands and Balance

Awards and Presentations

1.      Presented a scientific poster on “Anxiety in Dysmenorrhea” in 6th International Conference of Physical Therapy – A.I.I.M.S and achieved Gold Medal for the same.

2.      Presented a scientific poster on “Kinesio taping in Primary Dysmenorrhea- A case Study” in 2nd International Physiotherapy Conference

3.      Presented a scientific poster on “Effectiveness of TENS in normal labour- A literature review” in 4th International Conference of Physical Therapy – A.I.I.M.S.

Activities and Interests

1) Columnist in Shoonaya Magazine.

2) Poem Writing

3) Reading Novels

4) Dance and Music

Where you can find me

You can contact me about my work through LinkedIn.