Wheelchair Service Provision Case Studies - Transfers

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Faridah[edit | edit source]

Faridah is 60 years old. She was referred to the wheelchair service by the local hospital. She has recently had a stroke, and needs a wheelchair as she cannot walk. Faridah can stand up a little and take her own weight. However she is very unsteady on her feet. Faridah lives with her daughter and her family.

Her daughter does not work and is able to help her mother at home. She has a four- wheel wheelchair with swing-away footrests. [1]

Jose[edit | edit source]

Jose is 45 years old and has been using a wheelchair for 10 years. He has a bilateral above-knee amputation and works in a radio repair workshop in the local market. Jose has come to the wheelchair service to get a new wheelchair as his old one is very worn. [1]

Tahir[edit | edit source]

Wheelchair user Tahir is 14 years old and has recently been referred for a wheelchair after falling from a tree and having a spinal cord injury. Tahir has good use of his arms but he is not yet very strong. He cannot use his legs at all.. [1]

References[edit | edit source]

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