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About Me

I received my undergraduate education at Cairo university and spent the internship year at the university's teaching hospitals, where I moved between intensive care, emergency, orthopedic, neurology, and pediatrics departments.

Then I moved between different clinical settings, gaining experience in neurological rehabilitation, Chest and cardio physiotherapy. After that I focused the scope of practice on MSK and orthopedic physiotherapy and worked as a fitness trainer for sometime. I currently work in a public health care center in Cairo. In addition to the typical physiotherapy services, I'm always keen on educating my patients and I believe this is the core of our practice.

I am also a master student at Cairo University. Chronic pain management, cognitive behavioral therapy, gait, motor learning and biomechanics are among my interests.

When I am not doing physio-related work, I practice yoga, hit the gym, play chess, read nonfiction, bake or write.

Physiopedia Badges

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Bachelor of  physical therapy Cairo university 2012.

ISSA certified fitness trainer 2012. 

Orthopedic physiotherapy master, Cairo University. (2016-present)

Professional Affiliations

The Egyptian Physical Therapy Syndicate.


Physical Activity and Respiratory Conditions

Wrist and Hand Mobilization

Hamstring Origin Tendinopathy

Lumbar Fusion Rehabilitation

Physical Activity and Pregnancy
Physical Activity and Neurological Conditions

Foot and Ankle Disability Index