Vastus Intermedius


Vastus Intermedius is located centrally, underneath Rectus femoris[1] in the anterior compartment of the thigh and on each side of it: Vastus medialis and Vastus Lateralis respectively[2]. It is one of the four muscles that form the quadriceps femoris muscle. Tensor of Vastus Intermedius is a new muscle that is part of the Quadriceps[3].

Vastus intermedius.jpg


Originating from the upper two-thirds of anterior and lateral surfaces of the femur and the intermuscular septum[1].


Inserting via the Quadriceps femoris tendon to form the deep part of the tendon and then inserts into the lateral margin of the patella[4].


Together with other muscles that are part of the Quadriceps femoris, it facilitates knee extension[5][6].

Blood supply

The descending branch of the lateral circumference femoral artery supplies this muscle[1].


The Vastus Intermedius muscle is innervated by a branch of the Femoral nerve, originating from lumbar nerve 2, 3, and 4 nerve roots[4][1].


Assessment of the quadriceps muscles individually cannot be done; therefore, the test for knee extensor integrity is used to assess for it's power. See: Rectus femoris.


The Vastus Intermedius is difficult to palpate. It is the least superficial muscle in the thigh's anterior compartment muscles; thus, it cannot be isolated for stretching and/or massage.



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