Worldwide Physical Therapy Practice: a focus on Primary Care Physical Therapy


Project Description:

In this course we have reviewed Primary Care in both Physical Therapy and Medicine, looking from a historical perspective at the various models in the United States. The goal of this project is to increase the awareness of the current practice models in other countries. We have studied the various competencies deemed to be the most important for primary contact providers in the US. An understanding of the certificates and/or degrees, and competencies available in each country is useful for understanding international practice. We have also reviewed cultural considerations associated with treating patients. Understanding the diversity of patients seen in various countries can positively influence the cultural competence of practioners in Physical Therapy.

Course Instructors:

Dr. Elaine Lonnemann & Dr. Margaret Wicinski

Project Dates

November 2010

July 2011

Student Instructions

For the assignment in unit seven you will be publishing a page of information on this wiki--Physiopedia. Physiopedia is a wiki written by a physical therapist for physical therapy clinicians, students and educators as an educational tool. It is an open-source, non-profit project aimed at developing collaborative, evidence-based educational resources on the web using a wiki platform.

You will first need to create an account and develop a user profile on this site. This can take up to 48 hours so please go to the link and register now.

Determine the country you may be most interested in investigating. The only limitation is that it needs to be a country that has not been investigated by a prior learner who has published a page on Physiopedia. Therefore, you will need to investigate the Physiotherapy/Physical Therapy article and review the countries that have been presented thus far in the section on Regional Differences. Once you have chosen your country please email your instructor Elaine and she will develop a link with a page for you.

When you write your page please use the template that we have created specifically for this project to guide you.  We would recommend that you copy and paste this template into a word document and save your information to the word document. Then it can be copied and pasted into the wiki. The template has some questions included to generate thoughts for content development within the headings for the page.

When you are ready to write your page you should:

  1. Go to your page following the link that we have created for you from this page
  2. Click edit
  3. Add your content to the page
  4. Click Save to save your work

N.B. Remember to save your work regularly (every couple of minutes) to reduce the risk of losing any work that you have done.

See the user tutorials for further help

See the page on the UK for an introductory example

Links to Student Articles

Below are links to the various countries chosen by the learners in this course:


Any feedback you have for us is welcomed and you can contact Elaine Lonnemann by email ([email protected]).  If this project was utilized, please let us know!