User Tutorials

Below are a series of tutorial pages providing simple guides to the most common activities of Physiopedia readers and authors.  Please note that these tutorials are in development, if you have a question that is not answered here please add it to the Help FAQs page, alternatively you can email us.

For Editors[edit | edit source]

Basics[edit | edit source]

Advanced[edit | edit source]

For Educators[edit | edit source]

To find out more about setting up your project on Physiopedia visit the Step by Step Educators Guide. It includes guidance on:

  • Creating a Physiopedia account
  • Setting up your project page
  • Guidance on the editing process
  • Registering your students
  • Monitoring your student's contributions
  • Assessing your student's contributions

For Students[edit | edit source]

Creating and reviewing pages can be quite a daunting task you can visit the Step by Step Students Guide to help guide you through the process. It covers a range of topics including:

  • Creating a Physiopedia Account
  • How to find your Project Page
  • Setting up your Profile Page
  • How to edit and create pages

For Experts[edit | edit source]

As an Expert, there are several ways you can contribute to Physiopedia. You can contribute by reviewing and updating pages as part of a Content Development Project, the One Page Project or by invitation to our Knowledge Translation Programme following a proven track record of publishing quality evidence-based pages/articles in Physiopedia.  You can read more about contributing as an expert following the links below: