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Introduction[edit | edit source]

One of the most important factors in rehabilitation is the circumstance surrounding it, as this also go a long way to help rehabilitation experts understand and assess the psychological, emotio nal and mental state and well-being of the patient in the course of rehabilitation.

Environment is known to have significant impact on treatment generally, therefore, the circumstances surrounding rehabilitation, from the situation before, during and after event leading to disability are all important factors to consider in rehabilitation.[1]

However, due to advances in response, management and post medical care in disaster situations, high mortality rates has gradually transitted to an increased morbidity rates. Victims of natural disasters now have higher chance of survival, they may however have disabilities which may significantly impact their physical and psychological health and affect their quality of life, patients with pre-existing disabilities and co-morbidities are also at the risk of higher mortality rate.[2][3]

Rehabilitation in natural disaster situations should be of utmost concern due to the vulnerability of the victims, some areas which need interventions in disaster situation include; [1]

  • Collaboration and governance
  • Capacity building
  • Person-centred multidisciplinary care
  • Improved communication
  • Increased public awareness and active participation/inclusion of disaster survivors/family/community partners
  • Strengthen evidence-based information, education and access to information
  • Strengthen community-based rehabilitation.

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References [edit | edit source]

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