Minnesota Manual Dexterity test

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The Minnesota Manual Dexterity test (MMDT) tool was developed to measure unilateral and bilateral gross and fine manual dexterity.

Origin[edit | edit source]

The 'Complete Minnesota Dexterity Test' was the oldest form of dexterity evaluation. This involved a series of displacement and turning of plastic or wooden cylinders to be placed in a series of matched holes. Two contemporary versions of this test including the 'Minnesota Rate of Manipulation Test' and the Minnesota Manual Dexterity test. The 'Minnesota turning test' is also a revised version. [1][2]

Intended population[edit | edit source]

This test intends to assess bimanual dexterity and could be used on any subset of people including elderly healthy subjects[3]. This test can also be used to assess dexterity in neurologially affedcting conditions to the hand and

Method of use[edit | edit source]

The MMDT consists of a thin board with 60 holes. The blocks have a diameter of 3.7 cms and are red and black. The blocks and holes are approximately the same size. It has 2 subsets the placing test and the turning test.

The placing test: This involves taking the block one by one in the dominant hand and placing it in the hole on the board

The turning test: The subject has to take the block from the right top corner with the left hand, turns it over and places it in the hole with the right hand. For the 2nd row the subject then shifts hands(picks up with the right hand and transfers to the left)[3]

Scoring[edit | edit source]

A log is maintained of the time taken for these steps.

Psychometrics[edit | edit source]

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