28-Item General Health Questionnaire

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The General Health Questionnaire (GHQ) is a screening device for identifying minor psychiatric disorders in the general population and within community or non-psychiatric clinical settings such as primary care or general medical out-patients. Suitable for all ages from adolescent upwards – not children, it assesses the respondent’s current state and asks if that differs from his or her usual state. It is therefore sensitive to short-term psychiatric disorders but not to long-standing attributes of the respondent.

Intended Population

The self-administered questionnaire focuses on two major areas:

   The inability to carry out normal functions
  The appearance of new and distressing phenomena.

Method of Use

The self-administered questionnaire is an ideal screening device for identifying non-psychotic and minor psychiatric disorders to help inform further intervention.

GHQ-28: a 28 item scaled version – assesses somatic symptoms, anxiety and insomnia, social dysfunction and severe depression.

GHQ28 4/5* (max score 28)



Michele Sterling, General Health Questionnaire 28; Journal of Physiotherapy Vol 57, 2011-59. Clinimetrics Appraisal


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