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Dinu Dixon

Dr. Dinu Dixon (P.T) BPT, MPT,CDRS, MIAP

Specialized in Acute/Subacute and Chronic Post-Stroke Rehabilitation. Founder and Former CEO of DD Stroke Rehab.

Physiotherapist who graduated from Manipal University (Manipal Academy of Higher Education) with Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Specialized in Neurological Sciences and psychosomatic disorders (MPT - Neurology) From Kerala University of Health Sciences (KUHS).

Having worked in a variety of settings: hospital based physiotherapy, surgery, medicine and neurology, outpatient clinics, outreach community based programs among HIV patients, Geriatric population and other Charitable Networks in the southern part of India

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Education[edit | edit source]

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Manipal University (Manipal Academy of Higher Education)
  • Master of Physiotherapy from KUHS (Kerala university of Health Sceinces)
  • Advanced Aerobics and Gym fitness instructor From IAFT (Indian Academy of Fitness Training)
  • Fellowship in Neurological Physiotherapy Rehabilitation (FNPR)

Professional Affiliations[edit | edit source]

  • Author at Physiopedia
  • Volunteer and Contributor of Physiopedia
  • Founder and CEO of DD Stroke Rehab. (
  • Member of Indian Association of Physiotherapy

Publications and Contributions[edit | edit source]

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Modified Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy for Stroke

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