Catherine Bergego Scale

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Overview[edit | edit source]

Unilateral neglect or hemineglect is one of the common challenges associated with post-stroke symptoms. Greater percentage of stroke survivor with right hemispheric CVD suffer from unilateral neglect.[1][2] Thus assessment of this attention disorder called unilateral neglect is essential in managing Unilateral neglect. Unilateral neglect can be evaluated with a traditional test such as single letter cancellation and line bisection.[3] Functional assessment is a new paradigm in assessing for unilateral neglect and one example of this functional assessment is Catherine Bergego Scale, CBS.[4] Functional assessment tools provide a continuum on unilateral neglect affectation regarding activities of daily living that may be affected in this condition.

Intended Population[edit | edit source]

Stroke patients who are 18 years of age and above.

Method of Use[edit | edit source]

Healthcare workers can administer this instrument at the patient's bedside or in the physiotherapy clinic. it is a performance assessment type and it has both clinician-rated as well as self-reported version.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Paper and pencil

Training[edit | edit source]

no special training required

Mode and Cost of Instrument[edit | edit source]

It can be administered as self-completion questionnaires or interview-based questionnaires.

The instrument is free to use.

Instrument[edit | edit source]

This instrument is a 10 items scale.

Each item is scored on a scale of 0 to 3, with zero meaning there is no neglect, and 1 represents mild neglect where the patient will cross midline after the right side is attended to first.[5] [6]On the CBS scale, 2 represents moderate neglect where the patient has clear and consistent left side omissions, and 3 represents severe neglect. The item scores are summed up to obtain a total. A score of 0 means no neglect, and 30 means several neglects. A 1 to 10 means Mild Behavioural Neglect, 10-20 Moderate Behavioural neglect and 21 to 30 means severe behavioural neglect.

The items included are:

  1. Forgets to groom or shave the left part of his/her face
  2. Experiences difficulty in adjusting his/her left sleeve or slipper
  3. Forgets to eat food on the left side of his/her plate
  4. Forgets to clean the left side of his/her mouth after eating
  5. Experiences difficulty in looking towards the left
  6. Forgets about a left part of his/her body (e.g. forgets to put his/her upper limb on the armrest, or his/her left foot on the wheelchair rest, or forgets to use his/her left harm when he/she needs to)
  7. Has difficulty in paying attention to noise or people addressing him/her from the left
  8. Collides with people or objects on the left side, such as doors or furniture (either while walking or driving a wheelchair)
  9. Experiences difficulty in finding his/her way towards the left when traveling in familiar places or in the rehabilitation unit
  10. Experiences difficulty finding his/her personal belongings in the room or bathroom when they are on the left side

Psychometric Properties[edit | edit source]

Reliability and validity[edit | edit source]

Acute stroke

ICC ranges from 0.59 to 0.99


ICC =0.96 to 0.98

Resources[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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