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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Wanted Pages is a special category in Physiopedia that you can find here. The wanted category is a list of pages that we would like to have in Physiopedia but that have not yet been created.

What is the Wanted Pages Category[edit | edit source]

This category is great when you are lost for ideas for pages to create. There are so many pages in Physiopedia (and the list is growing daily) that it can sometimes be difficult to think of a page to create. This is where the Wanted Page Category comes in.

How to Use the Wanted Pages Category[edit | edit source]

Most of the pages listed in the Wanted Category are pages on our wishlist but beware there are some anomalies. It is easy to spot a rogue page by clicking on the link option, this will direct you to all the pages that would like to see this page created. If however, you see that the only link requesting the page is Articles then this means that this page is not wanted and has probably been deleted! You can ignore these pages. Other pages to ignore are pages that start with Subst: or Template: One more thing to do before diving in to create your page is to double-check that the page does not exist. Remember Physiopedia page titles are case sensitive so just have a quick search to make sure the page has been named correctly. You can search through the toolbar on the right top side of the page or by doing a Google Search.

Correcting Errors in the Wanted Pages Category[edit | edit source]

If you discover that a page in the category already exists there is a quick solution to remove it from the list:

  1. Click the link button then
  2. Choose the edit option to visit the page to search for and correct the page link.

It could be a simple spelling mistake or not using the correct page title (remember page titles are case sensitive). Once the link has been corrected you will now notice that this entry no longer appears in the Wanted Pages Category.

Populating the Wanted Pages Category[edit | edit source]

If you are working on a page in Physiopedia and notice a great link to a page that does not yet exist you can add it to the Wanted Pages Category (see making links):

  1. Highlight the text you feel would make a good page
  2. Use the link tool in the menu bar to create a link
  3. Ensure that when you are creating the link you use Title Case for the PageTitle.

You will notice your newly created link displays in red on the page. This means that the page does not yet exist but needs creating! This new link will then appear in the Wanted Pages Category for somebody to create!

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