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About me:[edit | edit source]

I am Mandeepa Kumawat doing my Internship in Bachelor of Physiotherapy from NIMS University , India. I was working in clinic under observation for 3 years where I learned how to deal with the variety of patients and work in a team. I am working on a page where I will be posting physionotes which I made during my academics. This would be an e-learning page where students can save there time in making notes during exam time by referring these resources. Currently I am doing my internship in various hospitals dealing with Neuro Rehabilitation , Cardiopulmonary and Out Patient Department . Project like Physio-pedia will help me a lot . I am very greatful to be a part of physiopedia.

Aim:[edit | edit source]

In a physiotherapy profession my aim is to

1. Improve human's quality of life.

2. Help people to regain the use of their body after injury or illness.

3. Spread awareness about physiotherapy in rural areas by organizing various camps and clinic set ups to do a team work.

4. Work with Physiotherapists so that we can treat the patient in a much better way and bring advancement within professioN.

Certification:[edit | edit source]

• Certified in hands on workshop titled 'Manual therapy of the vertebral column and

• Certified in workshop on 'Physiotherapy rehabilitation of paraplegics`.

• Trained in 'Clinical and Radiological differential diagnosis in orthopaedics for physical

• Certified in First aid (CPR , AED etc ) held under St. john ambulance association.

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EMAIL : [email protected]

FACEBOOK PAGE : click on this link for more details