Manual Techniques for the Cervicothoracic Spine

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Cervico-Thoracic Spine Joint Manipulation [edit | edit source]

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Cervico-thoracic spine joint manipulations or mobilisations are a physiotherapy or chiropractic intervention that can be used for neck, back or shoulder pain.[1]

Conditions treated[edit | edit source]

Neck pain[edit | edit source]

Some evidence has shown that grade IV cervical spine mobilisations (unilateral and central PA) can have an increase in deep neck flexor strength[1].

Thoracic mobilisations alongside deep flexor strengthening exercises have also been shown to help reduce chronic neck pain.[2]

Thoracic pain[edit | edit source]

Shoulder pain[edit | edit source]

Some studies have shown that cervical and thoracic joint mobilisations can help to reduce pain and improve ROM in some patients presenting with sub-acromial pain syndrome[3].



Thoracic Spine Joint Manipulation and Mobilization[edit | edit source]




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