Contribute As An Individual


Any qualified physiotherapist or physical therapist can edit Physiopedia. We rely on voluntary contributions from the global physiotherapy community to build this valuable resource.

Joining the Physiopedia editing team is a great addition to your professional development and your CV! From the experience you are likely to gain new profession-related knowledge and also to advance your technical skills. You will also be contributing to your own professional development and you can add this to your professional portfolio. In addition to all of this you can know, and feel good about the fact, that you have contributed to our global profession by playing an important role in building this professional resource.

Getting Started

Before you can contribute content to Physiopedia you should:

  1. Get your Physiopedia account which allows you to edit and contribute to Physiopedia. You can request an account here.
  2. Complete your profile page.  Once your account has been approved you will automatically be given a profile page in Physiopedia, you should complete this with your professional details as all your contributions will be credited back to this page.  See this tutorial for help with creating your profile.
  3. Read the 'Getting Started' tutorial which will help you to start your Physiopedia career.  See the Getting Started tutorial.

How You Can Contribute

Add to an existing article

Physiopedia has many articles which have been completed to varying degrees.  Your contributions are welcome on ANY of these articles.  You may be able to:

  • Add your expert knowledge.
  • Update with new or more recent evidence.
  • Complete an unfinished article.
  • Improve or correct an article.

Create a new article

If you have expert knowledge of a specific area of practice you might wish to contribute your knowledge to this resource by creating new pages in Physiopedia.  You will be permanently credited as the original author on articles that you have contributed the initial content to.  This will provide evidence of your professional development by way of contributions to Physiopedia.  See the tutorial on creating an article here.

Contribute to a content development project

If you would like some guidance in your contributions you could join one of the Physiopedia content development projects. Projects are set up to develop a specific topic area in Physiopedia and individuals are invited to contribute. You could even set up your own content project if you have a specific are of expertise, for example like Wendy Walker does in our Facial Palsy section.

See our content development projects

Join the volunteer team

The volunteer team at Physiopedia is a team of enthusiastic physiotherapists and physical therapists who take part in a structured content contribution process. Being a volunteer is a great complement to any physiotherapist’s daily work and CV. Being a part of the Physiopedia team is fun at the same time as developing your professional knowledge and advancing your techie skills. Volunteering will contribute to your continuing education and professional development and you can know, and feel good about the fact, that you have contributed to our global profession by playing an important role in building this professional resource. All our volunteers complete the Volunteer Orientation Course after which they are provided with roles that suit their individual qualifications, experience and interests.

Find out more about volunteering