UCD Final Year Project: What Next? 2011


Description[edit | edit source]

Welcome to University College Dublin's final year project.  This project is part of the coursework for the final year Physiotherapy Practice module. It is a problem based learning module aimed at consolidating the professional development of physiotherapists. The aim is for a group of students to design a resource that will be useful and accessible to colleagues for exploration of options post graduation.

This page describes the 2011 project.

Project Instructions[edit | edit source]

Students were shown a conversation between a final year physiotherapy student and a new graduate about job opportunities. Students were then invited to listen to a Pod Cast from an Irish radio programme, which featured a recent UCD graduate who was struggling to find work. They were also given the opportunity to attend a question and answer session with a panel of recent graduates and to discuss their experiences since graduating with them.

Following that, students were asked to design a resource that would be useful and accessible to their colleagues exploring available options post graduation. The resource could be presented through any desired media.

Project Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • To produce a novel and engaging resource
  • To produce a resource that would be accessible and attractive to the audience at which it is aimed i.e. new graduate physiotherapists
  • To present useful, contemporary information that would be valuable to physiotherapy colleagues

Course Instructor[edit | edit source]

Dr. Tara Cusack Dip Physio, M Med Sc., PhD

Project Dates[edit | edit source]

March - April 2011

Group Members[edit | edit source]

Claire Adams, Andrea Mc Carthy, Katie Hughes, Lorenza Cafolla, Hilanna Toner

Articles[edit | edit source]