HSE Employment Options

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Introduction[edit | edit source]

All of the services provided by the HSE to the public are delivered through four regions - Dublin Mid Leinster, Dublin North East, West and South. A list of these hospitals by region can be found on the site. All HSE physiotherapy positions are currently filled from a National Basic Grade Physiotherapy Panel. This panel has been in existence since 2008, following a national interview process for qualified basic grade physiotherapists and physiotherapists who were due to graduate in 2008.

  • It is hoped that a national interview process for basic grade physiotherapists would take place in 2011, although there has been no set to date for this to occur.
  • The application process would be similar to the 2008 recruitment drive, candidates would fill in a standard application form which they would be sent, and would later be scheduled for interview.
  • Physiotherapists would have to demonstrate that they had a degree from one of the Irish Universities, or an equivocal degree, and be eligible to ISCP registration to apply.
  • Any new HSE recruitment drive will be advertised under www.careersinhealthcare.ie, and in the major broadsheets. The ISCP will also be aware of any national basic grade recruitment drive.