Rectus Capitis Posterior Minor


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Musculus rectus capitis posterior minor is a member of the suboccipital group of muscles along with rectus capitis posterior major, obliquus capitis superior, and obliquus capitis inferior.[1]

Rectus capitis posterior minor.png Rectus capitis posterior minor muscle animation small.gif


Tubercle on the posterior arch of the atlas (C1)[2]


Medial portion of the inferior nuchal line of the occipital bone[2]

Nerve Supply

Suboccipital nerve or dorsal ramus of cervical spinal nerve (C1)[3]

Blood Supply

The muscle receives its blood supply from the vertebral artery and the deep descending branch of the occipital artery.[3]


Extension of the head[2]


A postural muscle that monitors the position of the head.[3]


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