Open Online Courses

About Open Online Courses

Open online courses are courses running purely in an online environment that have been opened up for anyone to participate in.  These online courses are referred to as "open" because:

  • the course takes place in an area that is open for anyone to read, reflect and comment upon,
  • they are free,
  • the content and work done in the course is shared between all people taking the course.

These courses are often referred to as MOOCs - massive open online courses - as they can generate huge participation.  

Open Online Courses in Physiopedia

Professional Ethics - 2013

In the summer of 2013 Physiopedia, in collaboration with the University of Western Cape in South Africa, ran the worlds first ever physiotherapy or physical therapy MOOC. The course was a huge success and has provided us with a very workable model for running future MOOCs in Physiopedia.  

Physiotherapy Management of Spinal Cord Injuries - 2014

In the summer of 2014 Physiopedia ran a MOOC titled 'Physiotherapy management of Spinal Cord Injuries'.  It had around 4000 participants and was accredited by the WCPT for 15 IPT-CEUs (International Physical Therapy Continuing Education Units).

Lower Limb Amputee rehabilitation - 2015

In the summer of 2015 we ran a MOOC on Lower Limb Amputee Rehabilitation.  This course was a workforce training initiative for the International Comittee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Over 7000 participants registered to participate and it was accredited by the WCPT for 24 IPT-CEUs (International Physical Therapy Continuing Education Units).

Physiotherapy, Exercise and Physical Activity - July 2016

This course is a collaboration with Exercise Works in the UK is designed to help healthcare professionals understand the size of the problem of physical inactivity in populations globally, the role of physical inactivity in the causation of a number of conditions and the benefits of exercise in treatment and prevention, and to encourage those who access the course to perform and evaluate interventions to increase physical activity in their settings. The course aims to inspire and support all health care professionals to lead on physical activity advocacy and action within their practice, from local to global action.

Managing Children with Cerebral Palsy - September 2016

This course will provide a framework to develop introductory level principles of the management of children with Cerebral Palsy relevant in all contexts. The global network formed through this course will allow for shared knowledge and experiences to support good health care and better quality of life for children with Cerebral Palsy around the world.

Future Open Online Courses in Physiopedia 

Run an Open Online Course in Physiopedia

We now have a successful workable model for running more open online courses in Physiopedia in collaboration with non-governmental organisations, educational establishments and professional networks. The collaboration basically runs like this:

  • Physiopedia provides all the administration for the course including e-learning development, hosting, promotion, registrations, accreditation, certification etc.
  • The partner (organisation, university, professional association, clinical network) provides the content and the instructors. 

If you would like to run a MOOC please contact us by email: [email protected]  We will discuss your ideas with you and collaborate with you to present one of the worlds very first physiotherapy or physical therapy MOOCs.