Knee Case Study Week 2 Subjective

Referral[edit | edit source]

Right Knee pain 32 year old female  

Subjective[edit | edit source]

History of Presenting Condition [edit | edit source]

6 months insidious onset right anterior knee pain, had an x-ray NAD
Slowly getting worse, went to A+E with the pain 3/52 ago d/c with advice on taking paracetamol and naproxen regularly. Went to the GP as pain not easing and finding it difficult to cope with pain. GP referred to Physiotherapy

Presenting Condition[edit | edit source]

  • Pain anterior knee - constant dull ache 4/10 which increases to 8/10 sharp intermittent pain when walking down stairs or squatting, can hear knee cracking on flexion / extension occasionally.
  • Diurnal pattern activity dependent
  • Aggravated by walking up and down stairs, walking for more than 30 mins, wearing heels for work, standing after sitting at work for a long time. Driving
  • Eased: Not much, Paracetamol take the edge off
  • Not waking at night
  • No locking / clicking / giving way

Past medical History [edit | edit source]

Asthma - controlled not using inhalers now, cesarean section 2 years ago for birth of child

Drug History [edit | edit source]

Paracetamol PRN, Oral Contraception

Social History[edit | edit source]

  • Full time office worker
  • Has 2 year old son
  • Lives with husband
  • Started the gym 8 months ago to lose weight, liked doing high intensity interval training classes - stopped now due to knee pain