Knee Case Study Week 1

History of Presenting Condition

60 year old woman who was out on an evening with her friends when she fell off her heels (varus) approximately 6/52 (6 weeks) ago. She complained of mild swelling to the joint the morning after the injury. She does not feel her knee is improving and is now off work.

Presenting Condition

Mild swelling to the medial and lateral aspects of the joint. Pain is on the medial joint line and the lateral aspect of the knee. She complains of a generalised ache which is worse towards the end of the day which she says is an 8/10 at worst. She is waking up in the night with the pain in her knee and and is sleeping with a pillow under her knee for comfort. She is struggling to walk for more than 30 minutes and up and down the stairs is also difficult. The joint is not locking / clicking or giving way.

Past Medical History 

Nil significant, Hysterectomy 5 years ago and fractured right wrist after a fall.

Drug History 

Co-codamol 30/500mg QDS, Ibuprofen 200mg QDS

Social History 

Works full time in a supermarket on the clothes department. She is a keen walker of which she normally walks 10 miles with her dog on a weekend. She lives with her husband.