Kendall Muscle Testing

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Introduction[edit | edit source]

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Heading 2[edit | edit source]

Table 2. Kendall Muscle Grading
Grade Description
No Movement No Contraction Felt or Seen in the Muscle Zero 0 0 0 0
Tendon becomes prominent or feeble contraction felt in muscle with no visible movement Trace T 1 T
Supported in Horizontal Plane * Movement through partial range of motion Poor - P- 2- 1 +
M0vement through complete range of motion for the muscle being tested Poor P 2 2
Holds against slight pressure in test position ** Poor + P+ 2+ 3
Tests in Antigravity Position Moves through partial range of motion against gravity Poor + P+ 2+ 3
Gradual release from test position occurs Fair - F- 3- 4
Holds test position (No added pressure) Fair F 3 5 ++
Holds test position against slight pressure Fair + F+ 3+ 6
Holds test position against slight to moderate pressure Good - G- 4- 7
Holds test position against moderate pressure Good G 4 8 +++
Holds test position against moderate to strong pressure Good + G+ 4+ 9
Holds test position against strong pressure Normal N 5 10 ++++

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