Educational Projects

About Educational Projects

Educators have been running courses for their students in Physiopedia since 2009. For educators, Physiopedia offers an opportunity to involve their students in this knowledge creation project as part of an educational program.

Put simply, your students complete assignments in Physiopedia as part of there education at the same time as making a valuable contribution to the content of this professional resource.

Your students will:

  • Learn key skills related to the use of online resources
  • Learn online professionalism
  • Understand the benefits of contributing to professional resources
  • Utilise evidence based practice techniques
  • Get involved in an international professional project
  • Learn website editing skills
  • And learn about specific topic related to their assignment

Previous projects have demonstrated that:

  • Student performance improves when assignments take place in Physiopedia
  • Students enjoy contributing to a professional online resource
  • Students appreciate the opportunity to be involved in a project for our profession
  • Tutors are able to satisfy requirements to involve students in e-learning

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What is an educational project?

Normally, an existing 'paper based' assignment is converted into an online assignment in Physiopedia.  Students are tasked to create new articles or review and update existing articles.  They are then graded on their output in a variety of was depending on your institutions requirements.

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Who takes part in an educational project?

Any educational establishment providing physiotherapy or physical therapy education is suited to running an educational project with their students.

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How does it work?

Once you have decided that you would like to get your students involved in a project in Physiopedia you should contact us to get things started. We will then:

  1. discuss your requirements with you to create a project that suits your needs
  2. set you up with your own project page that describes your project and links to the work that your students are doing in Physiopedia
  3. provide you with advice to help your students ease into the project minimising technical barriers
  4. support you in supporting your students throughout the project

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How to go about setting up an educational project?

If you would like to find out more about getting your students involved in collaborating with Physiopedia please contact us directly by email: [email protected]

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