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Would your organisation like to make a difference to the global physiotherapy profession? Are you just as passionate as we are about knowledge-sharing?

A partnership with the Physiopedia charity offers an easy opportunity to :

  1. involve your members, students and staff in this international collaborative effort;
  2. gain exposure to the global physiotherapy profession for your products and/or services;
  3. as well as satisfying your organisations' social responsibility and conscious company efforts through your contribution to the charity.
“The Physiopedia 'Evidence Based Practice' project has clearly being recognised by the students as being the most interesting task in their e-portfolio.” Professor Peter Vaes, University of Brussels, Belgium
"I really value our Physiopedia partnership, it’s a big driver of traffic to our site." - DJO Global, UK

Types of Partnership

There are three different partnership options and ways to make a difference:

Sponsors Strategic Partners Content Partners Physioplus Partners
Our sponsors are organisations that value the Physiopedia mission and have made a generous financial contribution to help us achieve our objectives. Our strategic partners are health and education related organisations that offer collaboration opportunities to better enable us to fulfil the Physiopedia mission. Our content partners are organisations (universities, clinics, professional organisations) that have made a contribution of content to Physiopedia through a formal content development project. Our Physioplus partners are organisations (clinics, hospitals, member organisations, universities, colleges) that provide Physioplus as a benefit to their community (staff, members, students) for ongoing continuing education and professional development.
Minimum £5000 donation. No cost. No cost. Contact us for cost.
"I really value our Physiopedia partnership, it’s a big driver of traffic to our site." - DJO Global, UK “The International Committee of the Red Cross is proud to have supported open online courses developed and delivered by Physiopedia” - Barbara Rau, ICRC "I was always searching for ways to share the information developed and presented by the students....not only is student work reviewed by PT’s around the world, but they have the opportunity to share it with their patients and clinical instructors. This has motivated them to do their best work and makes my job easy!" - Dr. Elaine Lonnemann, Associate Professor Bellarmine University, USA "It's Physio Christmas!" - member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association

See our current Partners and the Projects they have been involved in.

Your contribution won't go unnoticed!

Each month Physiopedia is visited by around 2,000,000 individuals from all countries in the world. We connect with 100,000+ people through our social networks and 50,000+ via our email newsletters.

Our main audience is practicing physiotherapists and physical therapists (75%) but also students, other health care professionals such as osteopaths, athletic trainers, sports therapists, chiropractors, nurses, strength and conditioning coaches and the health information seeking general public.

Partner & Sponsor Benefits

What you get How it works Included
Partner listing You will be listed on Partners page of Physiopedia. Yes
A page in Physiopedia You will be provided with a page in Physiopedia with which to write an article to promote your product or service. This benefit is exclusive to partners. Yes
Publish on Physiospot You have the opportunity to publish articles on Physiospot, our online magazine. You can publish aricles about your organisation activities in the partners category or you may wish to have your own Voices column to share your profession related thoughts and opinions. These posts are automatically distributed through our social media strategy. Yes
Promoted through our social media There are 100,000+ people in our social networks. We connect with and feature our partners through our social media activity where appropriate. This connection through our social media strategy is exclusively reserved for our partners and key contributors to Physiopedia. Yes
Promoted in our email newsletters Our monthly email newsletter reaches 50,000+ people. This is another opportunity for us to share your news and updates. This opportunity is exclusive to Physiopedia partners. Yes
Listed in our Annual Report Every year we produce an annual report that highlights the activities of the Physiopedia charity in the past year. The report is shared openly online and widely with many different professional organisations, such as national member organisations, non-governmental organisations, funding organisations, educational institutions etc. Yes
Pop-up advert on Physiopedia The pop-up advert on Physiopedia is the most effective way to get your message in front on the global physiotherapy community. It can be targeted by country and used for promotional activities and/or surveys. Exclusive to sponsors
Assistance with organisation objectives We are always happy to discuss your organisation objectives to explore ways that we can help you meet these objectives. As best we can, we will assist you with your organisation objectives which may include, for example, specific promotional strategies, knowledge translation activities, online course development, even technical assistance from our very experienced team. Yes
Full Physioplus access Physioplus is our complimentary website that provides online continuing education and professional development for physiotherapists all over the world. We can arrange for your members, staff and/or students to have full access to the platform. Please discuss with us
Partner badge to add to your website We will provide you with a partner badge to place on your website or any other promotional material so that you can show your community and networks how your are supporting the global physiotherapy profession. Yes
Organisation social responsibility Physiopedia is a registered charity in the UK. By partnering with Physiopedia you are supporting this charity and this can therefore be considered to be part of your organisations corporate social responsibility programme or conscious company efforts. Yes
Be a part of something big! Through your partnership with Physiopedia you will be supporting the sustainability of this free and open resource for our global profession. You will be contributing to education and professional development of physiotherapists and physical therapists all over the world, many in low-resourced and challenging contexts who don't have any other access to professional development resources. Yes

Let's get started!

Collaboration is easy, just get in touch to start the conversation. Email Rachael Lowe at: [email protected]