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Original Editor - Rachael Lowe

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Description[edit | edit source]

The primary goal of the Content Team is to develop, correct, and update the Physiopedia content. This team is also responsible for adding large publications that have been donated to Physiopedia, such as clinical toolkits and Decision Making Aids.

The Physiopedia Content Manager supports the team by allocating content to be developed, corrected, and updated where appropriate, providing support and troubleshooting content development.

Useful Information for Content Team Members[edit | edit source]

There are several ways to contribute new content or identify pages to work on, these are listed below.

How do I decide what to work on?[edit | edit source]

  • Slack - members of the team and the content manager may highlight pages that need creating or updating in our #content-new and #content-review channels in Slack.
  • Wanted Pages - are pages that have been identified as pages that are needed within the site but have not yet been created.
  • Short Pages - these are pages that have been identified as pages that already exist within the site but lack content
  • Fewest Revision Pages - are pages that have been identified as pages that already exist within the site but lack quality as they have (likely) not been revised:
  • Topic of the Month - each month, Physiopedia has a new topic of interest in which content needs to be created or updated. The Content Manager will highlight this in Slack.
  • Your Choice - you can also work to improve or update a page of your choice or create a new page. If you decide to create a new page, please ensure that similar pages do not already exist on Physiopedia by performing an extensive search for related titles and also by checking the Articles page.

Considerations[edit | edit source]

  1. Consider using the Content Review Guidelines to help you review and update a page.
  2. When working on pages, you should ensure that, when complete, they meet the Physiopedia Quality Standards.
  3. You must respect other peoples' work when editing pages. Do not delete and replace someone else's hard work. If it is good work but inappropriate for the page, consider adding it to a more appropriate page or consider creating a new page for this information.
  4. If you come across similar pages that discuss the same topic, then the pages should be merged. Please ask the team or content manager in Slack to merge the pages.

More Help[edit | edit source]

For further assistance, please contact the Content Manager.