Physiopedia:Getting started

Welcome to Physiopedia!

To begin your career as a Physiopedia author you will first want to fill out your profile page so we can all get to know more about you.

Before embarking on this you should read the editing a page tutorial so you are familiar with the process of editing a Physiopedia page.

The when you are ready go to your profile page and fill out / edit your details. (Access your profile page by clicking on the left menu link containing your name / username, top left under Personal tools).

Profile menu item

You may wish to refer to this example profile for some ideas about what to write.  Don't worry about getting it perfect straight away, you can always come back to it later.

Now get to improving the content of Physiopedia!!  Take your time to explore the existing pages and wherever you have a contribution to make, go ahead and edit that page...

As you gain more confidence you may wish to refer to the other user tutorials will explain things like how to add new pages etc to Physiopedia.