Editing pages

Editing pages is easy and fun. Don't be scared to make constructive additions and changes to the content of Physiopedia!

Editing a page involves a few simple steps:

  1. When you are logged in and viewing a Physiopedia page you will see a series of tabs at the top right of each page. One of these tabs is the Edit tab.


  2. When you click on the Edit tab the page content will appear within an editing text box. Here you can make your amendments directly to the page content using the editing toolbar to format the text, add links etc.


  3. When you have finished making your amendment click the Save page button at the bottom of the page.


  4. You will see the new version of the page which is now live on the Physiopedia site. Well done you have successfully edited a page!

To practice your page editing skills without damaging real Physiopedia content go to the Sandbox. This is a page set aside for users to try out editing!