Adding PDF Files

To add a pdf file to a page you first need to upload the file to Physiopedia.  This is done in a similar way to uploading images to Physiopedia.

Uploading PDF Files to Physiopedia

  1. First you will need to save the file that you wish to use to your computer.
  2. Once you have saved the file to your computer you need to upload it to Physiopedia. At the bottom of the left sidebar under the toolbox heading you will see the Upload File link.  Click on this.
  3. This will take you to the upload file page where you should fill in the details of the file that you wish to use.  Browse for the file on your computer to fill in the 'Source filename' box. 
  4. In the summary box add any neccesary reference for the file.
  5. Then click the Upload File button.

Once uploaded you will be directed to the page in Physiopedia related to the file that you have just uploaded. Take a note of the file name i.e. example.pdf  Now you are ready to put the image on to your Physiopedia page.

Inserting files on pages

To insert a pdf file in a Physiopedia page:

  1. Go to the Physiopedia page that you are editing.  Click on the wikitext in the toolbar of the editing box.
  2. Add the following code where you want the link to the pdf file to appear.
  • {{pdf|example.pdf|Example}}


  • example.pdf is the name of the file that was uploaded to Physiopedia
  • Example is the text that will appear on the Physiopedia page as a link to the pdf.

     3.  Click Save.

Please remember that you must have permission from the creator of the PDF document to upload it to Physiopedia. If you don't have permission, find the document that you wish to use on the web and make an external link to this.