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Siobhán Cullen

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I am a new graduate from the University of Limerick. Completed over 1,000 hours of clinical placement. Have previously enjoyed working in the areas of neurology, paediatrics and musculoskeletal physiotherapy. I am currently working in the area of intellectual disability, both with paediatric and adult clients.

In college my final year project was in the area of neurology and the role of assistive devices in enhancing recovery post-stroke. I looked into the effectiveness of a new prototype device in enhancing recovery during the acute phase of stroke rehabilitation. The project was entitled 'To investigate the effectiveness of a new table-top device in restoring upper limb function post stroke: A proof of concept study'. Doing research in this area gave me greater interest in the many varied ways in which physiotherapy treatments can be delivered, and the potential benefits that robotics and assitive devices offer physiotherapists.

As part of our degree, along with 5 colleagues, I delivered a short course in the area of sports traumatology, as well as law and ethics in sport, and found the area to be of particular interest. I have used the physiopedia site on numerous occassions during my studies at UL. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and production of the course resulted in the accumulation of large amounts of up-to-date, critically appraised information. Similar resources were produced by 4 other groups in the course. The value of these resources was recognised and it was thought that their wide scale availability would be of benefit to the physiotherapy community. As such, physiopedia offers a fantastic opportunity to share these resources on a larger scale. I have recently become involved as a volunteer with physiopedia to hopefully become involved in getting this project up and running.

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Studied physiotherapy at University of Limerick for four years and was awarded a 2.1 (BSc).

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Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherpists

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