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I am physical Therapist ,Graduated from Cairo university ,My Speciality:Orthopedic ,I am dealing with orthopedic cases like (Spine problems, shoulder , hip , knee , wrist and Ankle cases) , lately I discovered my passion toward upper Limb rehab and focused my learning on it , I hope one day to become a pioneer in this speciality and invent something being beneficial for those people,I really thankful to be here to participate in researching and help more and more physical therapist around the world.

About Me
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I was born in Egypt since 1996,Always have a passion to be a doctor helping people in their lifes,I was reach to my goal when went to PT collage and from this moment i intended to continue to improve my skills in my work believing in it is strength,I love running and yoga help me in reducing stress.

Education[edit | edit source]

Physical Therapy Cairo University

Professional Appointments
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  1. -Attend Osteopathy conference in Egypt.
  2. Attend general nutrition conference in Egypt.

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