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Hello. I am a physiotherapist from India specialising in Neurological and Paediatric Rehabilitation. I currently live in Luxembourg and I am passionate about helping individuals with neurological conditions achieve their full potential and lead fulfilling lives.

I have experience working with adult and paediatric populations having conditions such as stroke, Parkinson's, MS, Traumatic brain injuries, age-related imbalance, cerebral palsy, ADHD, DCD, facial palsy among many others.

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Niyati Jhaveri Shah

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I am a physiotherapist from India, currently living in Luxembourg. I have a bachelor's degree from D.Y Patil University, Mumbai and a Master's degree in Physiotherapy from Cardiff University, Wales. I have work experience of 3 years in the in-patient and outpatient Neurological rehabilitation departments in a hospital setting. My main focus of therapy was neurological rehabilitation, geriatric and Paediatric rehabilitation.

I am proficient in assessing and treating a wide range of neurological conditions, and skilled in developing personalized treatment plans for patients of all ages, from pediatrics to adults. I have a strong knowledge of therapeutic exercises, gait training, balance and coordination improvement techniques. I am experienced in using specialized equipment and technologies for neurological rehabilitation. along with work experience, I have effective communication and interpersonal skills for building trust and rapport with patients and their families.

My commitment to continuous learning and my dedication to evidence-based practice drive me to provide the best possible care to my patients. I look forward to making a positive impact in the lives of those in need of neurological rehabilitation.

I think that my ability to lead, my analytical abilities, and my great desire to learn enable me to provide patients with competent and compassionate care.I really anticipate contributing my expertise and experience to further the field of clinical knowledge.

I am committed to staying current with the latest research and treatment techniques in the field. I have experience working with sensory integration and children from birth to 15 years. I also have a keen interest in ergonomics related to workspaces and recently completed a CPD course for the same. Since moving to Luxembourg, I have been exploring the telerehabilitation avenue and also completing a certification course in Sensory Integration.

Education[edit | edit source]

Bachelors in Physiotherapy- Dr.D.Y.Patil University, School of Physiotherapy, Navi Mumbai, India(2013-2018)

Masters in Science (Physiotherapy)- Cardiff University, Wales, United Kingdom (2018-2020)

PG Certification in Sensory Integration- Present

Professional Affiliations
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Indian Association of Physiotherapists (I.A.P)

Maharashtra State Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy Council license (MS OT/PT)

Paediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)

Mulligan Concept Course from Mulligan Concept International : Upper Quadrant, Lower Quadrant and Advanced course in 2018 conducted by Dr Jibu George Varghese, MPT, CMP, COMPT, MCTA, (PhD).

Certified Kinesio-Taping Practitioner: Conducted by Mr. Niranjan Pandit (MOSMPT) from Physioconcepts Education LLP.

[edit | edit source]

To find the Perceived Benefits of Yoga in regular Yoga Practitioners at Dr D.Y.Patil School of Physiotherapy (2016-2017)

To find the Correlation between Visual Perception with Fine Motor Skills and Handwriting skills in Preschoolers/School children at Dr. D.Y Patil School of Physiotherapy ( 2017-2018)

The effectiveness of strengthening exercises on functional measures in children with cerebral palsy (CP) for my MSc Physiotherapy Dissertation at Cardiff University, UK (2017-2018)

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