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Laura Tighe

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Hi, I'm a Chartered Physiotherapist currently based in Ireland. I graduated in 2020 and am currently working as an MSK physiotherapist in the community since. As a relatively recent graduate I don't have a long list of projects or experience to list (yet!), however I do have a keen interest in telehealth/remote healthcare and the general use of technology in the healthcare setting.

My undergrad educational background is in Design/Digital Media, and my work experience prior to returning to university was in the pharmaceutical industry. In 2016 after much thought and research I committed to returning to University to study Physiotherapy, and in 2018 started an accelerated masters program in University of Limerick. My class graduated in 2020, and we began our Physiotherapy careers during the Covid-19 pandemic. This, as it happened, was an excellent opportunity for me to get to grips with telehealth and for the first year of working I saw my caseload both remotely and in clinic.

I am currently working on my own website to offer remote physiotherapy privately, as well as continuing my work through the public healthcare system. I have a special interest in Bone Health and currently run a group exercise class specific to individuals with Osteoporosis/Osteopenia.

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2018-2020 MSc Physiotherapy from University of Limerick

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