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  • When it comes to sitting disease and a sedentary lifestyle, it can be difficult to combat. For example, individual may spend eight ho == What Is a Sedentary Lifestyle?==
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  • ...90-597.</ref>, we can use the term “Physical Activity” to describe any non-sedentary activities that may include active recreational, occupational, and househol ...ry fitness: a randomized trial. ''Jama 1999'', ''281''(4), 327-334.</ref>. Lifestyle PA includes leisure, occupational, and household physical activities
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  • ...L, Worm N, Nixdorff U, Lechner B, Kränkel N, Halle M, Krauss RM, Scherr J. Lifestyle factors and high-risk atherosclerosis: Pathways and mechanisms beyond tradi ...ounger than 55 years and female relative younger than 65 years); Sedentary lifestyle; [[Obesity]]; Diets high in saturated and trans-fatty acids; and certain [[
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  • ...research]] available. <ref name=":0">Altug Z, Introduction to Integrative Lifestyle Medicine.  Physioplus. November 2021.</ref> ...eatment of chronic [[Low Back Pain|low back pain]] (LBP) using integrative lifestyle medicine.  
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  • ...24/1451 World Health Organization 2020 guidelines on physical activity and sedentary behaviour.] British Journal of Sports Medicine. 2020 Dec 1;54(24):1451-62. * Limit the amount of time spent being sedentary, particularly the amount of recreational screen time<ref>WHO [https://www.w
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  • ...home, and on transport, whether public transport or private vehicle. These sedentary behaviours have low energy expenditure and are associated with health risks ...hysical activity, and metabolic risk: the Australian Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle Study (AusDiab). Diabetes Care, 31, 369-371
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  • the importance of staying active''' - Understand the risks of sedentary lifestyle. Encourage people to get involve in valued occupations which require some e ...nce. However, this does not mean people with symptomatic MBD should remain sedentary.
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  • ...ntensities per week<ref name=":0">WHO. Guidelines on physical activity and sedentary behaviour. Geneve: WHO; 2020. Available from: <nowiki> == Sedentary Behavior ==
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  • ...ry Disease (CAD)|coronary atherosclerotic disease]], vasculitis, sedentary lifestyle, and [[Smoking Cessation and Brief Intervention|smoking]]. It is worth not
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  • ...tralian Government Department of Health. Australia's physical activity and sedentary behaviour guidelines. Dep Heal Website. 2014 Jun.</ref>. ...omen who were self-selected to participate in an exercise regimen versus a sedentary group found that “the moderate-intensity physical activity program experi
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  • Objectively measured light-intensity lifestyle activity and sedentary time are independently associated with metabolic syndrome: a cross-sectiona === Sedentary behaviour ===
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  • *Prevention and management of non-communicable diseases and lifestyle-related conditions (e.g. obesity, diabetes, heart disease). This was a nota ...ysiotherapists have poor knowledge of the Australian Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour guidelines and only infrequently promote physical activity with
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  • ...ley T. Effects of upper body resistance training on pulmonary functions in sedentary male smokers. Lung India : Official Organ of Indian Chest Society 2011:28 ...and may&nbsp;require more motivation&nbsp;to participate in a more active lifestyle.
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  • ...7019301279 Low back pain and its relationship with sitting behaviour among sedentary office workers.] Applied Ergonomics, 81, p.102894.</ref> and Office Ergonomic Strategies for Managing Low Back Pain. Integrative Lifestyle Medicine for Managing Low Back Pain. Physioplus. December 2021.  </ref></b
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  • ...ndicated that mass media campaigns may promote walking, but may not reduce sedentary behaviour or lead to achieving sufficient physical activity. Further resear ...ent in their home, provide opportunities for physical activity, discourage sedentary behaviors such as TV viewing, and serve as role models themselves". <ref>Li
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  • ...emöller EL. [ Sedentary Behavior and Quality of Life in Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease]. Ne ...onal ability and QoL. The emphasis is therefore on promoting a more active lifestyle with high levels of physical activity and regular exercise in the Parkinson
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  • *Sedentary because of the non-physical nature of his job and daily activities<br> ...he did not have any signs or symptoms of cardiorespiratory disease but was sedentary. He was concerned about his body shape and about the symptoms of the overwe
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  • ...physiology, the environment and an individual's behaviour.<ref>Tabish SA. Lifestyle diseases: consequences, characteristics, causes and control. Journal of Car Harmful behavior such as sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diets, exposure to tobacco smoke or the harmful use of [[Alcohol
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  • ...t be present in order to suggest the addition of exercise to the patient's lifestyle in order to decrease obesity and improve negative side effects. ...h-school-students/ Factors associated with overweight status, obesity, and sedentary behavior in elementary and junior high school students.] Physical Therapy R
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  • ...(1):120.</ref>. These chronic diseases are mostly linked to older or more sedentary people.<ref name=":2" /> ...chronic conditions (like diabetes, hyperlipidemia, CVD) due to a sedentary lifestyle and side effects from medication. <ref name=":4" />
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