Physiopedia is registered with the Charity Commission (registration number 1173185) and complies with the Charities Act 2011. The objects of the charity are, for the public benefit, to improve health globally by advancing education in relation to physiotherapy and improving access to physiotherapy knowledge.

Under UK law, the Physiopedia Charity is subject to section 396 of the Companies Act 2006 and operates as a company limited by guarantee and not having share capital (registration number 08530802). Physiopedia’s constitution is set out in the Articles of Association which are filed at Companies House.

The Physiopedia Trustees have responsibility for the control and direction of the affairs of the charity. The Trustees are supported in their governance function by the Advisory Council. The Trustees and Advisory Council receive no remuneration for their duties.

Detailed objectives are set to deliver against these goals in a strategic plan that is reviewed every two year period. The objectives are decided by the Trustees with priorities and aims incorporated from the Advisory Council.