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Welcome to the team!

What now?[edit source]

Set up your professional online profile[edit source]

Once you have logged in to the Physiopedia website you will be able to make edits to Physiopedia pages.  To get you started we recommend that you set up your Physiopedia Profile page.  This is a great place to keep an up to date online profile where you can demonstrate your professional activitiy to your patients, colleagues and potential employers.  You can access your profile page by clicking on your name at the top of the sidebar under Personal tools.

If you need help with this take a look at our Help Tutorials -

Contribute to the Physiopedia content[edit source]

Everyone has something to contribute to Physiopedia.  Imagine what we could build if everybody created and kept up to date just one page, the largest physiotherapy and physical therapy online textbook in the world! Join us, be a part of this project for our profession:  

  • Read a new piece of research - add it to related pages in Physiopedia.
  • Have an unpublished dissertation or case study - publish it in Physiopedia.
  • Learnt something new from a mentor - be sure that your new knowledge is available to all in Physiopedia.
  • Have expert knowledge - improve and update pages in your topic area.

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