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PT. Yahya Al-Razi

Yahya I Al-Razi, Yemeni Physiotherapist passionate about Orthopedic Physical Therapy Practicing. having several years of clinical and academic experience, he worked firstly as a Physiotherapist at Unique Center and then at Balsam of Live Centers as well as several Hospitals, He is working as a Physiotherapy Lacturer at Sana'a University and Azal university for Human Development .Presently he is working towards master degree in Orthopedic PT at Al-Razi University. His expertise lies in Musculoskeletal Disorders and its surgries, Manual therapy techniques, Exercise therapy, Neurological disorders, as well as making Evidence-based-practice easily accessible to students and colleuges in his country and worldwide. looking forward to contributing to the world of Physiopedia and other Association to asisst global professionals to be developed inGeneral and in physiotherapy.

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Yahya Ismail Al-Razi

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Education[edit | edit source]

  • Master of Orthopeadic Physiotherapy (MPT), Al-Razi University, Yemen (ongoing).
  • Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy (BPT), Azal University for Human development , Yemen.
  • Diploma of English language at New-Horizon Institute Sana'a-Yemen.

Professional Affiliations
[edit | edit source]

Yemeni Physical Therapy Association (YPTA)

Syndicate of Yemeni Physiotherapist (SYPT)

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Publications[edit | edit source]

The prevalence of Shoulder Pain and Disability among Desktope Workers in Azal University, Sana'a-Yemen
The Effectivness of manipulation with Exercises Versus Exercises Alone In Patients with Sacroilic Joint Dysfunction, Sana'a-Yemen

Where you can find[edit | edit source]

I appreciate meeting new people and discussing issues that are important to the development people in General as well as physical therapy . Please feel free to look me up! I can be reached at: Facbook or +967 777745027.