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Tien Yunn How

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Hello! I'm born and raised in a small town in Malaysia. I'm an introvert in nature which i finds it hard to communicate with people as I'm afraid that i would hurt others when i starts to speak up. In order to challenge myself further with a slight interest in human anatomy at that time, i have chosen the path of Physical Therapy, which involves a lot of talking and communication. To be honest, when i were to enroll into this course, i have no idea what physical therapist do; I'm only aware that it involve body movements, human anatomy and communication. Throughout the years of studying in University, that's when i finally understood that it does not only involve human anatomy, movements, and communication, It involves a lot of analytical skills and problem solving skills which i slowly picked up along the journey. Without realizing it, I've found my interest growing deeper into human body and how amazing our body is capable of functioning. That is how the whole journey started for me as a physical therapist and I'm still learning each day, in terms of in-cooperating theory and real-life situations. Currently working in a private clinic setup practicing mainly on musculoskeletal cases. I've been in the field for almost 2 years and will still consider myself as a novice in the Physical Therapy world!

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Graduated with Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy from University Tunku Abdul Rahman.

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Malaysia Physical Therapy Association

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