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Steffen Kistmacher

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Education[edit | edit source]

Dean Watson, The CO-C3 Segmental Dysfunction Role in Primary Headache
Prof. PhD Andry Vleeming, Rehabilitation of Lumbopelvic Patients

14th Oxford Workshop Teaching Evidence-Based Healthcare
PhD Lorimer Moseley, Pain: from science to clinical practice
Mulligan Concept, Mobilisation with Movement, Part A and B
McConnell Concept, Patellofemoral Pain
Lymphologic, Lymphdrainage Refresher

Prof. Dr. Erwin Scherfer, Evidence Based Physiotherapy
Prof. Dr. PhD Harry v. Piekartz, Maitland Concept Level 2a
Polestar, Pilates Mat Trainer
DIMB, Mountainbike Trailscout Cerificate

Prof. Dr. PhD Harry v. Piekartz, Maitland Concept Level 1
Physio Akademie, Apparatus Based Physiotherapy
Christine Hamilton, Local stability of the joints

Kurpfalz ML Schule, Manual Lymph Drainage Certificate
KGKL, Physiotherapy State Exam

AG Lungensport, Respiratory Rehabilitation Trainer License
Bund Deutscher R├╝ckenschullehrer, Back School Trainer Certificate

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