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My story

I am from Pakistan, studying in final professional of DPT.Here i am sharing my story with you,I was'nt all about becoming PT since start,I was lodged here just because i did'nt get admission in medicine and all those freaky depressed days during first year of DPT. it was my first clinical rotation during second professional year, when I first got the exposure to patients directly in OPD, and spur of the moment, I started to enjoy it; taking history, making diagnosis,giving interventions, counselling and all. The positive response from patients and support from supervisor, this is all that made me to love this field and filled me with hope for future.Beside this, I am an avid reader, love art and baking,and sometimes pen down my thoughts. 

Education and clinical experience

Final year of DPT at Dow University of Health Science, Karachi. I have bits of experience in MSK, cardiopulmonary, neurology, peadiatrics and burns during my four year clinical rotations. I have done 4-weeks electives at private charity hospital, where i worked in orthopedics and post-op management as internee.


  • Prime Minister's Laptop scheme award.
  • Certificate of appreciation for volunteering at The Indus Hospital Family Festival,Pakistan.
  • Certifiacte of participation in 12th nerurology course at The Agha Khan Hospital,Pakistan.
  • Certificate of participation in basic and applied neurosciences research at The Agha Khan hospital.

Professional Appointments

young physiotherapy association

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Favourite qoute: 

"Be realistice, demand the impossible" -Che guevara

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[email protected]