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NAME[edit | edit source]

Riccardo Ugrin

CAREER[edit | edit source]

I qualified as a physiotherapist in Trieste, Italy in 2013.

My early clinical years were spent working as a physiotherapist in a private clinic in Trieste, together with an excellent team of young colleagues and other clinicians. The Clinic specialises in low back pain and cervicogenic pain using both manual treatments and physical therapies adding strength and conditioning or active stabilisation protocols. During those eight years of collaboration with colleagues and clinicians, I improved my clinical expertise in the orthopaedic treatment of acute and sub-acute patients. In the meantime I also worked as physiotherapist for a semi-professional football team and then in 2017, for a professional football team.

Last year I decided to make a profound change to my career and as from December 2020 I have been working for the Rehabilitation Department of an Hospital in Trieste. In the last months of the pandemic I treated Covid-19 patients during which time I learned about respiratory physiotherapy treatments. Nowadays my job requires a deep knowledge of rehabilitation in neurological patients affected by stroke and trauma or patients affected by multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease or dementia.

In November 2021 the passion for my job guided me to become a Physiopedia volunteer as part of my professional growth. Can't wait to challenge myself by studying and researching with collegues all around the world.

ABOUT ME[edit | edit source]

In my childhood I trained in various sports : rowing, waterpolo and judo. In the last few years I have become an ultra-trail runner and a triathlete ironman. Nowadays I play in American football and flag football teams that compete in the Italian national championships.

EDUCATION[edit | edit source]

  • Graduated from the University of Trieste. My thesis was on ‘A Different Model of Long Term Care for Patients with Parkinson's Disease'.
  • Post graduate Master in Ultrasound Support in Diagnosis for Physiotherapists
  • Cert. SMT
  • Cert. DN
  • Diploma in Osteopractic
  • Functional Trainer and Athletic Trainer

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CONTACT[edit | edit source]

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