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Prashna Singh

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About Me[edit | edit source]

I am a South African trained physiotherapist living and working in Toronto, Canada. After graduating and working for a few years in South Africa, I ventured abroad to work in UK on a what was meant to be a 2 year working holiday visa. I ended up in the UK for 7 years. This is where my passion for cardiorespiratory PT was born and to this day this is the area which I am most passionate about. From many years in the ICU and acute care, I now work in chronic disease management and am a Pulmonary Rehab Co-ordinator in a hospital outpatient setting. I completed a certificaton in respiratory education and went on to do my masters. I am passionate about the work I do and feel blessed to be able to make a difference to the lives of individuals and their families living with chronic lung disease. My family and I live in a town outside of Toronto, not far from Niagara Falls and enjoy the 4 distinct seasons Canada has to offer!

Education[edit | edit source]

MSc PT- University of Toronto (2017)

BSc PT- University of Cape Town, South Africa (1994)

Professional Appointments[edit | edit source]

Adjuct Lecturer- Department of Physical Therapy at University of Toronto

Awards[edit | edit source]

Breath in Life Poster Award - Master's research :Patient Activation and Patient Engagement in Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Publications[edit | edit source]

Clinician's Commentary

Clinical Gem (Developing a Therapeutic Alliance) published in National Student Assembly Spring 2022 Newsletter

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