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Pierre Beunardeau
Pierre Beunardeau, physiotherapist student and CEO of Hippoly Agency.

My name is Pierre. I'm from France. I am currently studying physiotherapy in Madrid, Spain. I obtained a degree in fitness coaching from the American Council on Exercise. I am passionate about kinesiology, calisthenics and powerlifting. I also am the founder of Hippoly Agency, a small medical and health web agency based in the south of France. I support healthcare professionals in developing their visibility on the Internet.

I discovered Physiopedia when I was studying the anatomy of the musculoskeletal system during my first year of studying physiotherapy. I liked the simplicity of the platform and the quality of the information published. I want to actively participate in the Physiopedia project because I believe in its universal potential

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Education[edit | edit source]

  • Degree in Physiotherapy - UEM
  • Fitness Instructor - EPTI
  • Personal Training - ACE
  • Bachelor in Business and Marketing - IFAG
  • Creative media communication - SAE

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