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My name is Momina Masood. I live in Pakistan . I'm a Physiotherapist by profession. I enrolled myself in Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) programme in 2015 . I completed my graduation from University of Health Sciences in 2020. Currently I am working as a Rehabilitation House Officer at Ibn-e-Siena Hospital & Research Institute .

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I consider myself as an idealistic, expressive and a sensitive person. I remember myself playing Doctor games as a child and then me selecting my undergraduate programme as medical sciences and now being graduated as Physiotherapist it feels like dream coming true.

I always wanted to pursue a career in healthcare as I enjoyed helping people throughout my life. I want people to believe in themselves and overcome fear and anxiety and this seems a very useful tool that could be used in conjunction with Physiotherapy.

I have been performing duties in different wards of Medicine, Surgery , Obs & Gynae Physiotherapy OPDs but with time I realised that my interest is in Gynaecological Rehabilitation just because its something that needs to be highlighted.. So I am interested in working on how to improve the quality of women's life before and after their pregnancy.

There is lack of awareness that I want to work on in coming years for a better development of healthy mothers. I want to work for women health care by working closely with fellow physiotherapists and other health care providers. My aim is to make advancement in my field by gaining more knowledge and to interexchange professional ideas globally.

I am in a process of becoming a volunteer editor for Physiopedia . I'm always willing to learn new things and get experience and this seems a great opportunity. Physiopedia is an enriched source of knowledge.

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  • Physiotherapy Intern at Qaisrani Medical Centre (QMC), Multan.
  • One day workshop on spinal cord injuries ,stroke and its management.
  • One day workshop on Kinesio Taping.
  • Workshop on work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSDs).

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