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I was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia, Europe, where I earned a professional level diploma of secondary school after a period of 4 years, called physical therapist-technician. For the next 3 more years, I enrolled at the University of Belgrade for getting a degree in physical therapy. After that, I worked in different areas of private and public institutions: 

- private fitness studio next to PE teachers and trainers, 

- private physiotherapy studio, where I specialized in the various techniques of massage and electrotherapy,

- public hospital, Clinical Center of Serbia [1] in which I performed a duty of early rehabilitation in abdominal, cardiovascular and lung surgery in the ICU and in the department; early orthopedics; neurology; postoperative gynecology department and neonatology (congenital deformities, plexus brachialis, Down syndrome...); bariatrics.

Since 2015, I have relocated to Italy where I had to pass the state exam for a physical therapist to obtain a work license. For the moment, I have been practicing my profession as a freelancer working mainly with patients suffering from neuromuscular and neurological diseases (SLA, SMA, Parkinson, Duchenne, Multiple sclerosis...).

I consider myself very lucky that I had a chance to work in so many areas of physical therapy for a relatively short time of seniority. I am constantly looking for new knowledge and challenges. For the last couple of years, I have been attracted to writing articles and uniting technology and knowledge in physical therapy which would allow me to continuously improve my profession. Also, I have special interest in biomechanical and postural disorders and holistic manual techniques because, for me, the physiotherapy of the future is not just the treatment of one, painful part of the body (typically European western approach), but prevention of painful conditions and improvement of quality of life, counseling even in quite seemingly healthy persons. Because of all of the above, I chose to volunteer in Physiopedia hoping to give some contribution to the Physiopedia community eventually.

I like to spend my free time in nature, meditating, doing some sports activities (especially yoga and pilates), traveling, volunteering and learning foreign languages.

Education and training[edit | edit source]

  • PT National Exam - Ministry of Health, Rome, Italy, Europe (2016)
  • PT National Exam - Ministry of Health, Belgrade, Serbia, Europe (2010)
  • Belgrade Medical College of Vocational Studies – University of Belgrade, Serbia, Europe (2009)
  • Secondary School of Medicine "Beograd", Belgrade, Serbia, Europe (2001-2005)

Professional and CPD Courses[edit | edit source]

  • Trigger Point Therapy - Treating Tension Headaches by Dr. Jonathan Kuttner (2018)
  • Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation - Sexual female dysfunction (2018)
  • Basics of Pilates in Rehabilitation (2018)
  • Tecar Therapy (2017)
  • Thai Massage (2016)
  • Reiki Master (2016)
  • Baby Signs Instructor (2013)

Publications[edit | edit source]

Kyphosis (2009) [2]

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