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About Me[edit | edit source]

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Hello there! I'm a certified physiotherapist from Bangladesh. My background spans over eight years of extensive experience, with an initial focus on musculoskeletal rehabilitation for three years, followed by five years dedicated to rehabilitation in conflict situations. My primary responsibilities revolve around managing institution-based rehabilitation programs, often with limited resource settings. Currently, I'm fully committed to a demanding position addressing the Rohingya Refugee crisis in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, the site of the world's largest refugee camp. Here I am leading (partially remote) a team consisting of highly qualified physiotherapists.

Why I am with Physiopedia[edit | edit source]

I began my physiotherapy education program in early 2011, and ever since, I've relied on Physiopedia to stay updated with the latest knowledge and information in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. I've found it to be the most convenient platform for searching and accessing information, with content that's consistently easy to understand. From that point onward, I've harbored a desire to contribute towards enhancing global access to rehabilitation education and information through Physiopedia. Finally, my dream is coming to fruition as I've been selected for the Volunteer Orientation Course in 2023, and I've enthusiastically embarked on this journey to make a global impact.

Physiopedia Badges[edit | edit source]

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Education[edit | edit source]

B.Sc. in Physiotherapy from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2015.

MPH with a major in Disability and Development from the University of South Asia, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2020.

PGD in Exercise Physiology from the National University, Bangladesh, 2017.

Professional Affiliations[edit | edit source]

General member of the Bangladesh Physiotherapy Association (BPA)

Professional Appointments[edit | edit source]

Team Manager at Handicap International - Humanity & Inclusion, Bangladesh Program

Where you can find me[edit | edit source]

You can find me on LinkedIn.